Nandroid Manager : Gérez vos Nandroid backups et plus encore

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Bonjour à tous,

Voici une petite application qui est bien pratique, elle vous permet de gérer vos sauvegardes Nandroid et également de récupérer les données qu'il y a dedans.
Je viens d'apprendre sur un autre sujet que Titanium Backup le fait également, mais uniquement la version payante.

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* Support des sauvegardes TWRP et Clockworkmod (v5 & v6).
* Permet de supprimer ou renommer les sauvegardes.
* Vérification du MD5 des sauvegardes.
* Permet de compresser les sauvegardes en ZIP.
* Extrait les fichiers des sauvegardes.
* Restauration des SMS/MMS depuis les sauvegarde Nandroid.
* Restauration des points d'accès WIFI depuis les sauvegarde Nandroid.
* Restauration des connexions Bluetooth depuis les sauvegarde Nandroid.
* Restauration du journal d'appel.
* Restauration des applications et des données depuis les sauvegarde Nandroid.
* Restauration du dictionnaire personnel.
* Flash Recovery.

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Version 1.3
* Restoring bluetooth now checks to make sure the restore data is compatible with current android version.
* Call logs can now be restored from nandroid backups of stock Samsung roms to any rom.
* Home screen can now be restored from backup! ** In Beta**
* Improved support for .img files.
* Fixed flash zips via recovery problem on HP TouchPad devices.
* Fixed force close when restoring asec apps.

Version 1.2:
* Fixed bug that prevented app from opening backups made with TWRP v2.6+.
* Fixed bugs reported via google play.
* Added translations provided by the community. ** The rest of the app will be translated soon!
* Apps in the ASEC format, paid apps, and apps on SD-Card can now be restored!

Version 1.1.4:
* Fixed bug that prevented bluetooth data from being restored on jellybean devices.

Version 1.1.3
* UI has been tweaked a bit to better fit with the Online Nandroid Backup UI.
* Fixed FC's that were reported by users.
* Fixed bug that prevented MD5 hashes from being verified.

Version 1.1.2
* Fixed some user reported bugs.
* Fixed bug that prevented some TWRP folders from being auto detected.
* Various UI changes.
Version 1.1.1
* Full support for restoring data from split cwm backups.
* Added link to become beta tester in settings.
* Folders can now be extracted from nandroid backup.
* Added tips & info screen to Explore Backup.
* Added a bug reporter to report bugs specific to a certain backup.
* Backup path selector has been improved.
* Split cwm apps+data can now be fully restored.

Version 1.1
* Fixed bug that prevented apps+data from being restored.
* Clicking Compressed Backup under Extra Attributes now give you the option to decompress the backup.
* Decompressing of backups has been improved.
* Fixed bug that prevented data from being extracted from backups in some cases.
* Added support for cwm backups stored in the custom_backup folder.
* Read speed for split CWM backups has been greatly increased.
* Extracting speed of data from split CWM has been greatly increased.

Version 1.0.6
* Fixed bug that prevented some folders from being viewed when selecting zips to flash.
* Fixed bug that prevented files from being extracted from .dup format backups. Restoring of apps data from .dup style of backups should now work!
* /mnt/shell/emulated/clockworkmod/ is now detectable.
* Improved UI. All Holo dialogs should now have a dark theme.
* Fix various other small bugs.

Version 1.0.5
* Fixed FC when doing first run of app on some devices.
* Fixed various other bugs.
* Compressed backup warning can now be set to not be shown anymore for backups.
* UI improvements.
* Fixed bug that prevented the TWRP folder from being detected on some devices.

Version 1.0.4
* Fixed bug that prevented backups from being deleted on some devices.
* Fixed various other bugs.
* Improved memory usage.
* Restore Apps+Data has been improved.
* Split CWM backups are now displayed as non-split files in Explore Backup.
* Fixed bug that prevented people from restoring their apps from nandroid backup if there were a lot of apps.

Version 1.0.3
* Fixed typo.
* Fixed FC in Flash Zip(s).
* Improved various UI elements.
* Fixed FC caused by large last_log file.
* Fixed detection of /data/media/clockworkmod on some devices.

Version 1.0
* Added info button to 'Restore Data' list items. Clicking the button will show a message dialog that will give a simple description of what each restore function does.
* Files can now be extracted to Read Only partitions /data and /system.
* Various UI improvements.
* Added link to XDA thread to preferences activity.
* Added detection of PhilZ Touch recovery.
* 'Download Recovery' will be removed until I can improved it to were it wont show wrong recoveries!
* Flashing recovery has been improved.
* Restore Nanadroid Backup has been improved for users using unofficial CWM and CWM based recoveries.
* MD5 hashes can now regenerated for backups.
* Added button for Convert Backup for future release.
* Compress backup has been improved. Path where to save compressed backup can now be chosen.
* Added a section to settings that gives credit to all the third party libraries that I use in this app!
* Added change log.
* Users can now request support for detection of their recovery if their recovery is not identified by clicking the detected recovery area under 'Recovery'.
* Added detection of Thor recovery.
* Fixed some issues with layouts.
* Added Online Nandroid Backup link under tools.

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